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Living Room


TV Mounting
Hardwood Floor Room

TV wall mounting and mount installation services are the foundation of our business.  We’re experienced in TV wall mount installation, hidden wiring, connecting your audio, AV receivers, universal remote programming and more with professional standards.

Mounting outdoors or on a unique surface?  No problem, we install your TV and wall mount anywhere you need, with unique and customized mounts for any surface or location. 

We also sell mounting brackets - flat, tilting, full motion, circular and square pillar mounts, customs brackets for any unique installation 

Cylinder Mounting

No surface is impossible for your entertainment system.  We understand that sometimes your TV might look best mounted in the corner, on a pillar, or on top of tiles or a stone fireplace. That’s fine with us! No surface is too hard,  soft or complicated with our decades of experience in audio visual installation and design.

We navigate any type of material, or odd shaped room to ensure that your TV is mounted just the way you envision it.

Video Walls

Turn your home entertainment system into a unique experience unlike any other. Our most popular grid video walls consist of 9 TV's arranged in a 3 x 3 pattern.


Have the power to play a different channel on every single TV, music while you watch channels, jam video games while you watch football, or join them all for one big picture. The opportunities are endless!

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